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Magnolia grandiflora Teddy Bear

A stately North American specimen or feature tree is Magnolia "Teddy Bear". Popular in home gardens, parks and other open spaces. Growing between 3 and 5mtrs. Moderate growth rate with a pyramidal formal upright habit showing excellent foliage density, requires no pruning. Makes an excellent choice for screening out apartment neighbours. Evergreen magnolia with dark green glossy leaves and a fluffy cinnamon brown underside. Has gloriously large creamy white flowers with a zesty perfume in the summer. These give way to bright red seeds at the end of the branches. It has a grey/brown smooth bark. 


Due to its tight form, 'Teddy Bear' can make a  fragrant hedge or screen. Often used as an entryway feature for it's majestic look

Position & Soil

Grows best in full sun, in moist acid well drained sites.