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Macadamia integrifolia Macadamia

One of Australias most delicious natives is the Macamia Nut, native to South East Queensland it enjoys the subtropical climate but has been known to grow well as far south as Victoria. This tree can grow up to 15 metres in its natural habitat but tends to grow around half that size in cultivation. The Macadamia will take around 6 years to produce fruit and when it does it does so with abundance, nuts are ready when they fall to the ground.


Macadamias are great to be cracked open and eaten raw when they fall from the tree, they are often roasted and salted and of course covered in chocolate. They also make a nice feature tree with there glossy green leaves.

Position & Soil

Pretty versatile tree as they are a native, however being quite shallow rooted they do need a bit of a wind break and can do with a light watering in drier conditions. These trees dont like a frost and will take well to a good organic compost when planting.