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Elaeocarpus reticulatus Blueberry Ash

A stunning Australian Native tree with leathery dark green foliage that has a white film over the top. New leaves have an attractive pink colour, leaves turn red before they fall off which combined with the vibrant blue fruit and the white bell shaped flowers with a licorice perfume makes for a striking feature tree. E reticulatus are suitable for gardens and parks from the subtropics to Tasmania. They grow to 8mtr tall by 4mtr wide in a loose conicle shape with a dense crown of foliage. Hardy and tolerates drought, it doesn't mind growing near the sea. Attracts a wide variety of birds including parrots and cockatoos both for the flower and the berry which may persist to decorate the tree year round. Blueberry ash is a plant that should be thriving in every ones garden!


A pretty everchanging tree, often used for a screening hedge or a striking feature tree

Position & Soil

Moist well drained soils in a full sun position will produce the most prolific flowers, may tolerate light frost once established