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Elaeocarpus eumundii Eumundi Quandong

Also known as a smooth leaved Quandong. A mid-sized rainforest tree at the top of your list for a dense hedge or screening application. Useful where there is a long thin area along a fenceline or beside a house because it has very low leaf litter. Habit is tall to 8mtr by only 2.5mtrs wide. A medium sized native tree with lush dark green foliage and striking pink-bronze new growth. Arguably one of the best trees for a Northern NSW or Queensland coastal garden. This is a popular choice as a street tree and great for shade when clear trunked. Bunches of cream bell shaped flowers and trademark Quandong blue fruit.


A beautiful versatile tree, often used for hedging, can be clear trunked for a striking shade tree, arguably one of the most popular trees around

Position & Soil

Doesn't like frost but generally tolerates most other conditions, likes a moist soil